Feasibility Studies

3e carry out feasibility studies for clients wishing to install new renewable technologies and/or upgrading their existing building .

3e also carry out feasibility studies for clients seeking grant aid for the introduction of new technologies under the SEI the ReHeat Deployment Programme “ installation of new renewable energy plants supplying space, water and process heating in the commercial, industrial, services, public sectors……”

3e also carry out feasibility studies for clients seeking Residential grant aid under the Greener Homes Scheme.

Renewable Energy Sources

3e has built established a detailed knowledge of the different forms of renewable technologies available on the market. We can advise as to how you can integrate renewable technologies in your existing building or what options are available for new build customers. From Solar Water Heaters, Rain Water Harvesting, Wind Power, Bio Mass, Ground Source and Air Source Heat Pumps 3e has the knowledge and can recommend suitable qualified installers as well as advise you on current costs and grants available.

Renewable Technologies & Feasibility Studies

  • SEI Grant Feasibility Studies
  • Renewable Technologies
  • Wood Chip & Pellet
  • Heat Pumps
  • Photovoltaic
  • Solar Water Heaters