Energy Efficiency Studies

3e Carry out energy efficiency/Audit studies on the make up of the building and services. 3e will issue a report including recommendation to move the property towards full energy efficiency.

Building Fabric

3e will survey the existing construction of the property. Analysis the elemental thermal values, their condition and ability to perform to meet the requirements of the building codes and Clients needs. 3e will also examine the air permeability of the building and carry-out pressure testing if necessary to eliminate heat loss through uncontrolled air leakage. Thermal bridging calculations can also be included in the report for existing and new projects.

Mechanical Services

3e will survey the existing heating and cooling services in accordance with the EPBD Articles 8 & 9 and TM CIBSE. 3e can check the Air Conditioning systems in accordance with the new F Gas regulations. 3e will examine the existing controls and on completion issue a report and recommendations on the findings.

Electrical Services

3e will survey the existing electrical supply and services. A detailed survey on the artificial lighting and controls would be included. The full survey can identify the energy used by the individual plant zones or a more detailed survey when required. The report would recommend alternative Energy Sources by recommending Microgeneration, CHP, Solar , Wind or Biomass.